Salon August 10


While I'm happy to announce that the August 10th salon went swimmingly, I am unhappy to report that, having decamped to Berkeley for the next two years, I was not there, and neither was my camera. So I have no videos to post. (Pretty sad, huh?) But, at this extremely sad juncture, I have happy news to report. My dear friend, whopping creative talent, and known vulgarian, Jon Eliot, will be curating the upcoming fall salon (time TBA). So stay posted. You may remember Jon from Crime Fiction, a film he wrote and starred in back in 2007.

Program from this past salon below:

Three-Singer Opera: A Technological Opera Project
a collaboration with Ryan Ingebritsen, Jenna Lyle and Jennifer Wright. Also featuring Erica Mott (director & choreographer), John Boesche (video design), Ginger Farley (dramaturg) and Fides Krucker (vocal coach).

Cristián Huepe
an electronic music performance & demonstration. Cristián performed original material based on his "Makers of Sense" collaboration, using synthesizers, laptop, electronic percussion and controllers.

Joshua Adams
a poetry reading

Sarah Wald
Sarah's composition, "Dali's Staircase" (solo piano) was performed by Donna Lee Fackenthal; her "Piano Trio in One Movement" was performed by the Chicago Trio with Christie-Keiko Abe (violin), Karen Schulz-Harmon (cello) and Mirei Hori (piano).

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