3 Singers


Consider supporting 3 Singers, a new project in the bud -- it's a truly fascinating endeavor involving clever & adventurous Chicago-based folks.

More from the creators:

3 Singers Opera is an interdisciplinary performance charting the relationship between the female body and machinery, particularly through factory labor during the industrial revolution and in Asia today. We were compelled to create this piece after the recent factory fires in Bangladesh. At the time these occurred, Erica was researching the historic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in NYC which killed 146 workers, almost all of them women. We were so struck by the repetitive, yet migratory nature of worker oppression by global manufacturing, We knew we wanted to create an interactive and immersive work where spectators could perhaps feel a visceral connection to manufacturing and a laboring body.

3 Singers Opera will feature design, direction and choreography by Erica Mott as well as the musical composition of Ryan Ingebritsen, interactive video by John Boesche, vocal coaching by Fides Krucker, and dramaturgy by Ginger Farley. We are also working closely with a cast of Opera-trained singers and a group of engineering students who have helped transform sewing machines into musical instruments. Our next goal is to fund a composition residency for Ryan this September and a full creative team and cast development intensive in November. All of this generative work is leading us towards a premiere of 3 Singers at Ingenuity Fest, Cleveland and Cricoteka, Krakow, Poland in September/October of 2014.

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