Salon June 22 2013

Friends, Hyde Parkers:

Thanks to everyone for a terrific salon this past weekend! We had upwards of eighty people (by Candy Connery's counting). I am still trying to lower my internal body temperature after the infernal heat of the ballroom. (Gotta love the summertime salons :) Some selected videos from our most excellent performers, below.

"Storm Sheep" play the Beatles:

Ditto playing "Meathooks," a song by the great David Bashwiner:

Irene Claude and Clara Christensen play Prokofiev's Flute Sonata (Op. 94, mov't 1):

Larry Zbikowski playing playing the first movement of Takemitsu's All in Twilight (1987):

And finally, yours truly on Autoharp. Here is "Garden Full of Posies," from Ruddigore:

And, what the hay, one more! "Goodnight My Someone" from The Music Man:

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