May 19 2012 Salon

This post has been very long in arriving. But better a late arrival than none at all (right?!) Below you can check out a few brief videos from the May 19 2012 salon. And please join us for the last of the summer salons this Saturday, August 4 2012!

1. Phil Taylor, a composer in the University of Chicago Music Department:

Alexander Scriabin, Sonata no. 9, op. 68 "Black Mass"
David Rakowski, "Roll Your Own" from Etudes, bk. 2
Debussy "Poissons d'or" from book two of Images (see video below).

Des Pickard, political activist and singer-songwriter, singing "Long Live the King."

Craig and Pat Hogan playing the Brahms Cello Sonata no. 1 in E minor, first movement (the below is excerpted).

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