May 21, 2011 Salon

Thanks to all for a fantastic salon last weekend!

Roster & video clips below. And by the way, looking back at past clips from these salons that are posted on YouTube, I was starting to get excited seeing that such-and-such a clip had been viewed 74 times, and another one 90 times (whoopee, that's a lot of views!) and then, dear friends, I noticed that "Mitchell's Day Spa: How to Back-Comb Hair into a Low Bun" had 1,988 views...and I thought better of myself. What the h#$*.

First up, a guest appearance from bellows duo, Coppice (a.k.a. Joseph Kramer and Noé Cuéllar), who recently appeared at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Green Mill in Chicago, and gave us an up close and personal performance of their work last Saturday. As I expect is a danger with all video taken at night in an attic, I must apologize in advance. These clips are a bit dark and a bit grainy--although, given Coppice's fascination for the obscure and accidental sounds at the edges of perception, here is a video that appropriately enough emphasizes the fringe benefits of less-than-perfect video recorders. Excerpts below are from "Scour:"

and "Seam," with guest vocalist, Carol Genetti (at this point my camera began to exhibit severe discomfort with the darkness -- in case you can't see her, Carol is seated on the floor, facing Noé and Joseph):

Second on the program, Benoît Roux, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at the University of Chicago. I'm not sure when he finds the time to practice Chopin, since my biochem is pretty dusty at this point.

And finally, David Bashwiner, all the way from Albuquerque (where he is currently Assistant Professor in Theory and Composition at the University of New Mexico), who netted 3 encores (depending on how late in the evening you stayed). I found it hard to choose only one clip.

"Sad Little Creature"

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