Salon August 7, 2010

A tremendous salon last night. Thanks to our performers, including

Harold Olivey (tenor) & Dent Davidson (keyboard)

playing selections from Carlisle Floyd's Susannah, Francis of Guernica, and here, "Lost in the Wilderness" from Stephen Schwartz's Children of Eden.

Michael Robbins (poet célèbre of the New Yorker magazine, and the New Yorker magazine)

reading from a selection of poems, including "Material Girl" here:

Larry Zbikowski (acoustic guitar)

selections from Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan, Brazilian guitarist Hector Villa Lobos and Hans Werner Henze, among others. Villa Lobos' Prelude 1, here:

Des Pickard (singer/songwriter/activist)
a selection of political songs.

Thanks to Jason Pettus for the lovely photos!

I'll see you all in October.


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