Flox, at HCL

Premieres July 23rd 7-10pm
reprise showings July 24th and 25th 6-8pm
Head over to HCL for the World Premiere of 'Flox', created by HCL Artist-in-Residence, Jason Ponce.

Flox is an interactive sound installation that upsets the one-to-one relationship that often characterizes interactive artworks. Instead of putting the individual at the center of the experience, Flox centers around group coordination. As visitors step into a motion-captured space, each person's body is assigned one component of an active but disorganized soundscape, which must be reassembled by active listening and coordinated movement. Wireless luminescent pods carried by each visitor provide visual feedback about the state of the installation, and help guide the group towards a final resolution of the piece.

Complimentary wine and assorted edibles will be provided.

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Jason Ponce is a new media artist, musician, and interactive technology researcher. His sound and video installations have been produced internationally, and highlight the many intersections between art and science, especially interactivity, gesture and cognition. He is currently a researcher at the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), a recording engineer at Warren Studios in San Diego, and a PhD candidate in Computer Music at UC San Diego.

about HCL
We are High Concept Laboratories. We collaborate with Chicago-area artists and performers to foster the creation and development of new works. By working as a producing partner, we provide space, resources, capacity-building, and administrative support to projects of merit - supporting every step of the creative process from creation and development to presentation and performance. We also curate classes, screenings, charlas, and other events for the community. Visit our website to get involved or learn more:, or visit us on facebook.

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