Salon July 10, 2010

Thanks, everyone, for such a memorable evening. As part of the countdown to the four-year anniversary of the Hyde Park salons (next month!), I'm proud to announce that there will finally be short video clips from past salons available on this website, via You Tube. (It only took me four years to figure this out.) In the videos below, you can either check out the cropped version, or to view the full video on You Tube click the link directly below the video.

Saturday, July 10

Luciano Ristori (prize-winning experimental particle physicist and ... magician)

You Tube link to Luciano's Magic Show.

Hwajung Yoo (voice) & Sunhye Shim (piano)
Heimweh II, op. 63, no. 8
Spanisches Lied, op. 6, no. 1
Vergebliches Ständchen, op. 84, no. 4

Gaetano Donizetti
"Quel guardo, il cavaliere"
Don Pasquale (act I, scene 2)

Majel Connery (voice/crocodile piano)
"Ombra Mai Fu"
Xerxes (Handel)

"Goodnight My Someone"
The Music Man (1962)

Majel & Crocodile on You Tube.

And since David is leaving for Albuquerque today to take up a tenure-track position at the University of New Mexico, I'll include a few extra clips of him...

David Bashwiner (singer/songwriter)
"Sad Little Creature (I'm Right for You)"
"Hey Cute Girl"

You Tube link to Hey Cute Girl.

"Gonna Make You Mine"

You Tube link to "Gonna Make You Mine".


You Tube link to David Bashwiner "Julie" (possibly my current favorite song in the universe).

"Putting it Back Together"


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