Salon October 2

In spite of my having left Chicago for the year, and in spite of Sidney's last-minute panic that no one would come, we had yet another truly excellent (standing room only) salon.

Thanks so much to our performers, Louis Turcotte, of The Nesting Code; to Anthony Madrid for his excellent and truly performative poetry; and most especially to architect Jamie Carpenter for coming out all the way from New York to floor us with his inexplicably beautiful designs, and his very winning ways. One of Jamie's recent projects (i.e. the bridge that will soon run across the University of Chicago midway, connecting the Logan Arts Center with main campus) will be available for your viewing pleasure within the next year or so, should you have happened to miss the salon. Or if you're in New York City, you could check out his work on the gorgeous new 7 World Trade Center.

A few videos:

1. Vintage Louis.

2. a poetical enactment from Anthony Madrid.

3. Jamie Carpenter on the project he devised for the Olympics in Australia.


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