Welly, Welly Well

It's been quite the f-ing weekend, if I may say so. Nick and I and the rest of our fellow cabbalists for the October festival (Delusions), after being sent running from the Zhou B. gallery Friday night with duct tape, music stands and some deal of fury were finally delivered anon into the loving hands of our generous hosts in Hyde Park for a final night of operatic and avant-gardey hoop-la on Saturday evening. Lesson learned: better and funner to perform for a small crowd of rowdy and appreciative groupies with wine that can actually leave the bar (slash dining room) than to a cold and austere gallery audience that (let's be honest, folks) for the most part had no idea what we thought we were doing.

We'll keep you posted on future projects. Till then, some photos to whet your appetite.

Yourses truly.

The brilliant and wonderful Greg playing Santiago (and Majel).

Jon Eliot as God, antics and all.

A blindfolded Ursula.

The truly astonishing (and fast) Nonsense Co.

Phyllis Chen and an amazing array of gadgetry.

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