I Fell Into a Burning Ring of...

At least half of that double entendre has to do with the swathes of fire that greeted me upon my return to the south left coast late Monday night. The fires were not just visible from the plane...but more like holy-shit-that's-large-from-the-plane. But fear not, all is well in coastal La Jolla, except of course for the horrendous air quality.

This would be the usual place where I put up ridiculous numbers of photos from this weekend's uber-bizarre festivities, which were definitely more delusional, possibly more grand, and hopefully more better than Majel and I could ever have imagined on our own. Maybe in some weird way we actually owe the Zhou Center and the CPD an extra special thank you for forcing the creation of the magical and potentially someday mythical Saturday night performance in Hyde Park. Since Majel has alrady begun the photo parade, maybe I'll just kick off by pointing you, gentle reader, to some other perspectives on the affair.

"Matilda T Zombie Queen" (culture blogger)
Telecommuniculturey Blog


Marc Geelhoed of Timeout Chicago

More photos to follow, of course.

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