5 days and Counting

Amanda arrived in Chicago yesterday and I arrived in Chicago around 1:30 this morning, which means the gang is all here. The first full cast rehearsal of the new run (new run?...first run? I'm pretty sure one "concert" version doesn't actually count as a "run" in any technical sense of the word) of Ursularia happened at the Zhou B. tonight. Find some photos below. (Some of the are a bit dark....sorry about that.) Paintings in the background are all by Zhou Brothers.

Delusions Festival : Thursday - Sunday; Oct. 18-21
Zhou B. Art Center.
Come see.

God makes his appearance to Ursula.
Michael McBride, Majel Connery, Jonathan Eliot, Greg, Amanda DeBoer

God insists he's not just some guy with a scarf.
(Jonathon Eliot)

Santiago Rocinante (Pope of Rome) proposes killing two birds with one stone.
(Greg Anderson.)

Ursula's Immortal Soul waits for her entrance in the the ladder.
(Amanda DeBeour)

5/7ths of dal niente watches from offstage. As it turns out, Connie and Alejandro have an obstructed even though they're 7 feet from the show, they can't actually watch. We're thinking about installing closed circuit tv.

Peter Martin, Connie Schoepflin, Michael McBride, Alejandro's clarinet, Mark Holley, Ammie Brod; Karen Schulz-Harmon is behind the column.

More as the week progresses.

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