Upcoming Concert at Bond

Some of you will recall a visit to a recent salon by the duo, Coppice -- an upcoming program of their work at Bond Chapel promises weird adventure! Check it out!

"Music Searching for a Body"

Tuesday, September 6 · 7:30pm

Doors 7:30 PM / Show 8:00 PM / $8

Bond Chapel (University of Chicago)

1050 East 59th Street

Chicago, IL

Music Searching for a Body: A concert gathering 4 sets of experimental musicians from the Chicago electro-acoustic music community: Soundbeast (Anita Chari & Carol Genetti), Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer), Jim Baker, and Joseph Clayton Mills.

Presenting a variety of instrumentation and styles, Music Searching for a Body will explore manifold dynamics between improvisation and composition, both through embodied and disembodied sound.

Soundbeast is a duo of two female voices, which explores the embodiment and physicality of singing, the interplay between different traditions of vocal production, as well as how the body interacts with thought in the process of singing. Coppice’s delicate compositions integrate variable bellowed instruments and custom electronics, adapted in ways responsive location and aural perspectives. Jim Baker will play a solo set on the pipe organ, comprising music likely to be mostly or entirely improvised. Finally, Haptic's Joseph Clayton Mills constructs semi-improvised performances that explore the timbral and tonal properties of everyday objects, repurposed electronics, and traditional instrumentation.

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