July 30 2011 Salon

Wow. Another fascinating and totally pleasurable salon. Thanks so much to our performers & speakers, Marc Downie of the OpenEnded Group, to U of C Associate Professor of Music, Larry Zbikowski and to the Avalon Foundation Professor of Music and the Humanities Thomas Christensen and his wife, Clara Christensen. Videos from each of these performances are embedded below. And yes, embedding on blogger only half works (what can you do?) so I've also included links to YouTube where you can watch everything there, full size.

Here Marc Downie takes comments about the installation, After Ghostcatching, a collaboration with Bill T. Jones, which played upstairs in the ballroom. Sorry, blogger also doesn't reproduce stereoscopic ceiling installations, so you'll have to check out his website to find out what he's talking about. (See the conversation directly on YouTube in 4 segments: 1, 2, 3, 4.)

Next, Larry Zbikowski (acoustic guitar) played Three Studies by Fernando Sor (1780-1839), op. 35, no. 13, op. 6, no. 11 and op. 31, no. 19. Below is a clip of his rendition of "Reverie--Notturno per Chitarra," op. 19 by Guilio Regondi (1822-1872). (Or just visit the direct link.)

And finally, Thomas and Clara Christensen played the Allegro Brilliante from Felix Mendelssohn's opus 92. (Or link.)


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