It has come to my attention that my salon tally is hotly contested by two parties, Sidney Nagel and Young-Kee Kim, who allege that certain off-road salons (at the Experimental Station last year, and the Zhou B. Art Center the year before) may or may not in fact be actual salons. If they are proved to be non-salons, I may be forced to reduce the tally. If not, I will not. But given that Sidney and Young-Kee are physicists (remember, these are dangerous people who allege the existence of anti-matter and other such ridiculous stuff possibly responsible for the election of Barak Obama) so I will continue proclaiming twenty-three until actual evidence of negation comes to light.

Be that as it may, we slowly approach the undisputed third anniversary salon this July. Get your horses ready.

Last Saturday's salon (no. 23 and/or ?!@#$) found the company upstairs in Sid and Young-Kee's sultry ballroom for 2 separate presentations: one by Sem Sutter, bibliographer at Regenstein Library, and a second by Michael Schmidt, who debunked dubious claims that the golden ratio governs the architecture of the Parthenon and the pyramids in Gaza. Downstairs marked the final installment in a series of solo drum recitals (Dan Siakel), as well as the first, I hope, of performances by Jonathan Katz (pianist/composer, Northwestern University) and Jonathan Green, who has possibly the finest baritone voice within the borders of the state of Illinois.

The next salon is June 20th, feat. a mostly musical line up, and other bits and nibbles. In other news, we bid farewell to Giordano's pizza, which faithfully provided pizza for salon attendees for nearly three years. Bring on the Eduardo's.


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