Talea Ensemble @ Players Theatre

How many concerts are happening this week?
Count the stars in the sky.
Measure the waters of the ocean with a teaspoon.
Number the grains of sand on the seashore.
Impossible you say?
Yes and it is just as impossible for me
to say how many concerts are happening this week.

So if you're not going to see Die Walk├╝re (Don't do it!! Half of it is just a long slow boring retelling of Rheingold by Wotan accompanied by cellos and trombones!! It's NOT all riding here and hoy-a-hoy-a-hoy there all the time!) at the Met, then consider coming down to The Players Theatre in the West Village to hear some boot-stompin' new music from Europe, including two US premieres (Billone & Romitelli). The ensemble is awesome, and it's been a total joy to work with them. The music is unbelievably cool. How could you even think about Brunhilde on a night like this?

Talea Ensemble
Tuesday, April 28
The Players Theatre, NYC

115 MacDougal St. (in the West Village)
Works by Hurel, Ferneyhough, Billone, Rands, and the US Premier of Domeniche alla periferia dell'impero by the late Fausto Romitelli.


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