Some photos collected from the Opera Cabal benefit at High Concept Laboratories last week. I don't have names for everybody below, perhaps some viewers could help with labeling. In case we forgot to say this earlier, Kevin: we love you. Big time.

Irene Hsaio prepares to welcome guests.

Master pie-baker, Candy Connery.

Some of the 37 pies that were baked in 2 hours and 6 minutes by Candy earlier in the day.


Sommelier, David Bashwinner, with his lovely assistant, Myra.

Dasha Polzik introduces the presenters for the evening.

Yup. That's a big bucket of worms.

A presentation from Fresh Picks Organic farms (correct me if I got that wrong)

A presentation by PETA.

The pies were going like really good apple pies.

Asylum rocks it again.
(Brennan Connors, Dan Siakel)

Ben Kolak, Ben's collaborator Eric Mika, and DJ Adam Weg on the lower level in front of part of Ben and Eric's video installation.

Ahhhh...Chicago (seen from the roof of High Concept Laboratories)

Mr. President Elect looked on with approval. Obama likes pie too.


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