Call for Auditions: Threepenny Opera

The Columbia University Thesis Production of Threepenny Opera by Brecht and Weill and translated by Michael Feingold is having an initial round of auditions Monday December 1st and Tuesday December 2nd at Columbia University. The equity showcase code production will be at The Theatre at Riverside Church and run April 1st till April 4th. The director is Henning Hegland and musical director is Nicholas De Maison. We are looking for experienced actors/singers for the roles of:

macheath (mac the knife) a gang leader and thief planning on becoming a banker (male mid 20's to mid 30's a charmer with a dangerous side) - tenor (or high baritone): B2 - Aflat4

polly peachum: the daughter of peachum wanting true love and passion (female 18 - 25 an innocent girl look with a hidden foxy side) - soprano (or mezzo): C4 - Gflat5

mr. peachum: a businessman and the beggar king (male 40-50's shrewd, cynical, and very very clever) - tenor (or baritone): C3 - F4

mrs peachum: an alcoholic wife and sexually frustrated woman (female late 30's to mid 50's) - mezzo (or alto): D4 - E5

tiger brown: the police commissioner and spineless bureaucrat (male mid 30's) - baritone (or tenor): C3 - Eflat4

jenny: a whore who loves Macheath (female 20 - 30) - soprano (or mezzo): B3 - F5

lucy: the danger-courting, affection-needing daughter of Tiger (18 - 20's) - soprano: E4 - Gflat5

Please email your headshot and resume, as well as any vocal file/link to:

We would like to see an a capella song and a monologue for the audition.

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