"You live in a ghetto and you think you make art"

Yes, Helmut, it may be true, it may be true.

But as long as we're here, languishing in the academic ghetto, we're going to have a festival. It starts tonight with a concert of music played on the WORLD'S LARGEST TAM TAM!!!

(I know I did a woeful job of documenting Lachenmann's visit - alas, I will never be the critic/commentator that Majel is. Let's just say he got me all fired up about being a musician again, and no, Clint, this is not some kind of Hegelian Hero Worship Bullshit.

BUT, the WORLD'S LARGEST TAM TAM ... there's no way I'm missing the blog potential on this one.)

So here are some pre-event highlights of ...
UCSD Music Dept. Annual Spring Fest

(all events are at UCSD and free)

Thursday May 8, 8pm Cal IT auditorium
redfishbluefish performs on the WORLD'S LARGEST TAM TAM
Osmosis by Adam Wilson
Microphonie I by Stockhausen

Neptune by Philippe Manoury

Friday, May 9 Studio A

West Coast premier of Cruel Spirals by Philippe Manoury
Stephanie Aston, voice
Nicholas DeMaison, conducting
Jerry Rothenberg will be on hand to read his poetry that Philippe set.
And featuring Mark Dresser's ginormous new 5-string bass. It may not be the world's largest 5-string bass (like the WORLD'S LARGEST TAM TAM) but it's huge. I promise.

Also on the program:
Lotuses by Jonathon Harvey
New music by Nick Deyoe, Phil Skaller and Jeff Denson

There's some more stuff on Saturday (I'm going to see a new piece by Liam Clancy at one of the art museums instead) and on Sunday is a new piece by Michael Pisaro, involving 100 tracks of pre-recorded percussion along with live percussionist:

A Wave and Waves, performed by Greg Stuart.

Festival runs all next week. More soon, including my last performance with Capella (sniff sniff).

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