Lachenmann Day 2

Not much time to hang out in rehearsals today ... choral duties called.

I did catch the first coaching of the morning - a percussion sectional for Zwei Gefuhle with Ross Karre and Jon Hepfer. For the hour I was there, it was all timbre - just the right kind of screaming scrape of drumstick on tam tam. ("What can I say, I am a masochist.") And who knew a seamless timpani glissando over a twelfth could be so satisfying? Lachenmann gave a nod to Nick Deyoe's preparation of the ensemble when he quipped in the middle of the rehearsal that his presence here seemed not to be needed.

While we were waiting for the man to show up (I think he got lost finding his way from breakfast at the faculty club over to Studio A) we decided that composers need to have trading cards like baseball players. We start snapping photos of them at performances and in rehearsals, print them on cardboard and sell them for thousands. It's the plan that will bankroll Opera Cabal. I'm sure of it.

Quote of the morning:
"Piano for me is still loud. Piano is still healthy and full."

Tutti Zwei Gefuhle rehearsal tomorrow night. Wheee!

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