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Relieved to be officially signing into the blogging universe and not ANMELDENing, Nick and I .... well, really, I kid myself. I don't know where Nick is. He's taking a shower, but it's been 38 minutes, and he hasn't posted since 2007. So then, I and I alone have the pleasure of formally initiating the MAJEL AND NICK SEEK A SPACE contest which involves you letting us know about spaces you know about in Chicago where Opera Cabal must absolutely and unnegotiatingly perform.

If you know of other spaces (preferably run-down, out of the way and completely non-conducive to opera) please let us know. We're especially interested in venues with a high likelihood of being double-booked with a pep rally for the Chicago Fire (thought Chicago didn't have a professional soccer team? Think again!) involving small plastic balls that may and will be kicked against loud, resounding concrete walls during intimate musical moments, and that may and will end in a massive shut-down by the Chicago police half-way through. Wouldn't that be fun?!

Nick and I stepped out last night to review a few bar spaces with stages (The Hideout, etc.). I am pushing for us to present the first ever opera-in-a-bar. Why are we looking for new spaces? Did I mention we're performing again?

Expect the Cabal back in Chicago this fall with, newly, additional stops in NEW YORK, MADISON, and quite possibly NEW ORLEANS. Opera Cabal plus the Nonsense Co. officially present the NEW MAD CHIKYORKLEANS Festival of new, mad, underground opera. (We haven't yet written off "Splusions" as a possible festival name ...)

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Dan said...

There's _The Shape Shoppe_ in Pilsen, which is fantastic, though I'm not sure how open they'd be to renting out their space. A friendly email might do the trick...

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