Where the Hell have We been?

So maybe I slept through the day in 5th grade when you learn which words in a title get capitalized...

As Nick slowly sheds the skin of his exam process (he passed) and I kick back for my return flight from Berlin, expect greater things from the long-dormant Opera Cabal blog. My God, how embarrassing.

We meet with the superperformers, The Nonsense Company, next weekend in Madison.

But in other news, Berlin is full of the lowest-cost freaky-awesome performance spaces I've ever seen, most of which you can rent for between 1 and 30 euros per night... Did that sink in? 30 euros per night? This is insanely cool. Beware, Berlin. Opera Cabal may be in your future. Below is my favorite, an almost totally abandoned building with a strange old-style polka pub in the basement and this haunted little room in the attic. (Especially cool is the burned-out mirror that looks like something out of the shabby-chic set of The Matrix.) If you can find a way into the building, which has one door that appears to be permanently stuck ajar, it's both totally abandoned and seemingly open for business. There were fresh flowers in the bathroom.

One of my last nights in Berlin I also ran into an abandoned church that leases out its bleak, unlit former chapel.

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Anonymous said...

Way-to-go Nick, passing those exams! I am glad I happened upon your blog, for when I google myself (hey I was bored), most of the results turn up to be you.