Too much information (and more pictures)

This week saw the Spring Concerts for my youth choir, Capella - the most super awesome, and incredibly dedicated group of high school students I know of (...outside of Walden). Photos from the spring concert will likely be up on the NCS website soon. (And hey, by the way, check out our wine tasting fundraiser - buy a ticket, designate North Coast Singers as the beneficiary, drink some wine. It's simple.)


And lots of concerts coming up. If anybody who reads this is in San Diego in the next three weeks, you can come see me wave my magic wand (which is to say conduct) on the following concerts/pieces:

Tuesday May 8 (TODAY!) 8pm Warren Lecture Hall Studio A;
Music by UCSD Composers;
A wonderfully bizarre piece for voice and ensemble by a good friend of mine, Charlie Wilmoth. I don't think it has a title yet, but it involves banging trash can lids and spanking...yes spanking pieces of hung poster board. Love it.

Saturday May 12; 8pm Warren Lecture Hall Studio A
UCSD Spring Festival
John Cage's "Etcetera" for large ensemble, along with Jason Rosenberg and Fabio Oliviera.
(Also on this concert is Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians," but I'll just be in the audience for that one)

Friday May 18; 8pm Warren Lecture Hall Studio A
UCSD Spring Festival
"Muse Mute" for voice and ensemble by another good friend of mine, Carolyn Chen. Also on this concert is "Vortex Temporum" by Girard Grisey, which will be conducted by Nick Deyoe, (aka "Nick The Younger" as he is sometimes known around the UCSD music dept.). Not much Grisey gets played on the south-left coast. Perhaps a pre-concert talk by my current mentor, Philippe Manoury?

Saturday May 19; 8pm Warren Lecture Hall Studio A
UCSD Spring Festival
"Tongues" by Jason Eckardt, with Stephanie Aston, solo voice.
SO excited for this one. To my knowledge this will be the 4th performance of this piece ever. I had the good fortune to present what I think was the 3rd performance of "Tongues" ever in Chicago last year with Dal Niente and Tony Arnold. This time around we'll be in a super nice performance space and with an EVEN BIGGER thunder sheet! Also on that concert I'll be conducting a new piece by my friend, UCSD composer, Steve Willard.

There are a bunch more concerts on the UCSD spring fest...some highlights include "Le Marteau" (again with Stephanie singing), a live performance of Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room," and my good friend/collaborator, Jason Ponce's group. Come to a concert, get a program, scope it out.

In early June, Kathleen and I are trying to arrange an encore performance of Feldman's "For Christian Wolff" someplace in the greater San Diego area (NOT on the UCSD campus). More details to follow.


And now for some more photos from Collusions. These came from the nights preceding the first curtain rise (as if that won't be obvious).

Ryland and Jon, self portrait.

Ben Kolak...hanging lights.

Barnaby doing what Barnaby does best: standing around looking charming and hot.

Opera Cabal directors looking...well...dare I say, fantastic.

Rose, suitably proud of her chicken-wire-hanging handiwork.

That's all for now. Come to a show.


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