23 days and counting

One of the feature pieces of the Chicago Collusions festival is a new chamber opera that is in the collaborative works between Jon, Majel, and myself. The situation of the creation of the opera has been totally bizarre all along, but strikes me as particularly odd for the following 2 reasons: (perhaps more of the oddities will be revealed as things progress)

1. Jon and I are doing the bulk of the creative work. We have effectually not communicated about the work each of us is doing (except for the basics...Ursula, virgins, visions, failure) since each of us started doing it. The presupposition is that eventually his work will become Act I and my work will become Act II....or at least, this is the assumption I'm operating under. I don't honestly know that he's operating under the same assumption.

2. I'm using the opera as a "jury piece" here in sunny San Diego to fulfill "jump-through-fiery-academic-hoop-# 1" of my PhD coursework. I have a preliminary deadline of Dec. 8 for the draft of the piece (Act II)...which is 23 days from now. Not so odd, except that the Gods That Be pointed their all-powerful staves at me and decreed that I "shall arrange the piece for piano and percussion" for the sake of the jury. So in the next 23 days, I am compelled to finish a draft of half of a work and rearrange it from 7 players to 2 players so that I can meet an arbitrary and irrelevant deadline, so that I can have this re-arranged half-work prepared in far-less-than-adequate-rehearsal-time for a 1st-impression-based-academic-critique by the resident Gods That Be. Bizarre.

So in honor of this second primary oddity, Opera Cabal presents:
Chamber Opera 2006 - The Countdown

It'll be just like counting down to the new year...but without the eggnog and public urination in Times Square.

(...hopefully....this time.)

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