Opera Cabal's new space opera, by Ken Ueno

Aeolus -- by Ken Ueno from Opera Cabal on Vimeo.

From a workshop performance of Aeolus, a new opera-in-progress by Ken Ueno, on Nov 19, 2016.

Performed by Ken Ueno (megaphone), Majel Connery (vocals), Travis Andrews (guitar) and Andy Meyerson (percussion). Presented by Mainline Music, and produced by Opera Cabal. Hosted by the Starline Social Club. Video by Oliver Hamilton.


Passionate Pilgrim, an album of Shakespearean apocrypha


I am beyond excited to share with you a sneak preview of a new album in progress, "The Passionate Pilgrim."

Written and conceived by Oracle Hysterical (composer-performers Elliot Cooper Cole​, Brad Balliett​ & Doug Balliett​, and Majel Connery​) in collaboration with New Vintage Baroque, "The Passionate Pilgrim" brings an all-but-forgotten poem cycle back to life. Once thought to have been penned by Shakespeare, the poems were stripped of this stature when their Shakespearean parentage was revealed as a fake. Here, finally, the orphaned cycle enjoys new pride of place, reimagined as tuneful Baroque pop.

Thanks to Ryan Streber (mix), Kevin Eikenberg​ (video) and to Todd Carder​ and The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn. We love you guys.

"The Passionate Pilgrim" is a co-production of Opera Cabal and New Vintage Baroque.