Videos: Salon February 23, 2013

Folks, I might just have to start calling this the RidiQlus Salon Series. Cause it was that good. A few selected videos of our amazing performers below.

1. Composer turned visual artist Marita Bolles talking about her music boxes.

Marita Bolles - Music Boxes at the Hyde Park Salon from Opera Cabal on Vimeo.

2. What I can only call a work of sound art by composer Ryan Ingebritsen, performed by Jenna Lyle. This performance is part of a "Sound Room" series designed by Ingebritsen along with two other composers, Daniel Dehann and Kyle Vegter.

Sound Room - Ryan Ingebritsen, Jenna Lyle, Daniel Dehann & Kyle Vegter from Opera Cabal on Vimeo.

3. And finally, dancer and choreographer Irene Hsiao with Jett McAlister (piano).

Irene Hsaio - Hyde Park Salons from Opera Cabal on Vimeo.

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