Salon September 23, 2012

Thanks to all who came out to a packed salon on Sunday, September 23rd! The program was kicked off by Dr. Lucy Park, Executive Director of the Sejong Cultural Society, who presented a mini-workshop on Sijo, a traditional form of Korean poetry.

Jon Eliot, a lecturer in the Humanities at the University of Chicago, presented his brilliant academic parody of fictional pornographer, Jon Hansen, in four "Foliage" films. Below is a video of the first film, "Spring Foliage."

And finally, we enjoyed a visit from Luke Gullickson and the newly-formed, Chicago-based Grant Wallace Band. You can check out their pretty adorable website-in-the-making, or visit their Facebook page (here), OR if you're into instant gratification, see the excerpt below.

I'll see you all in November!


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