Opera Cabal in New York: Next Friday

I often get the following question from all you New Yorkers, prefaced with a resigned look: "When is Opera Cabal in New York?" Friends, your day has come. In less than one week, Opera Cabal presents a work-in-progress showing of our upcoming operaSHOP, "The Slumber Thief," featuring toy piano and video duo, Phyllis Chen and Robert Dietz, and dramaturg, Joseph Cermatori.

If you're not aware of the mind-bending work these guys are doing, a quick look at this New York Times review may give you a better idea. Yes, it's that good.

One night only!
Friday, September 14
26 Bushwick Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

What in the hey is operaSHOP? Check out past trailers of our work here and here

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