Richardson in Lights

Ah, reality! I visited Richardson this afternoon during a tech-through with the Princeton Symphony Orchestra (the same orchestra involved in Eugene Onegin one year from now) for their Saturday afternoon pops concert. There are 50 players here, rather than the forty we'll use, and a heck of a lot more percussion (you can't see it clearly, but there are four timpani in the back of that stage) but it's looking more and more like I'll be staging this thing inside a telephone booth. Well, a large one. Although I think it's safe to say our production will have a lot less Bernstein in it.


seth baer said...

Majel? Are you here in Princeton? Seth Baer here. I'm in the Princeton symphony.

Nick &/or Majel said...

Shut up!! Seth, we have to get together. I live in Princeton this year. Email me at