Salon November 20, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out to an action-packed salonathan this past weekend. The unofficial Candy Connery count put us over the current record at -- get this -- 76 people in attendance. Wow.

Guests included Jonathan Eliot, who screened his recent Spamashed: Chicago with live soundtrack generated on site by Richard Whaling. This followed a screening at a salon last year of Spamashed: Paris. (I won't tell you where the third Spamashed movie is being filmed but it's kinda like Calcutta except not so far away.) Since it seems indecent (although it would be somewhat Baudrillardian) to include a video clip of a video clip of the film, I'm including instead a clip of Jon wooing the salon audience after the screening.

Also on the program, Paul Durica ("Tour Guide to Hell") presented on Chicago's late 19th-century hobos, tramps and bums. The mad video skillz in this clip, by the way, are all me. Apologies.

Thanks are also due to Emily Jones of the Department of Visual Arts at the University, who presented her MFA work-in-progress, and to Jessica Laser (all the way from the University of Iowa) who read most excellently from a collection of her recent poems.

And most important: Happy Birthday, Young-Kee!!


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