USW rehearsals in Oberlin

It's been an interesting week here in Oberlin. Monday through Wednesday the Cabal's creative team rehearsed in Warner Main Space, an enormous dance studio converted from an old-school wooden-paneled gym (complete with huge, high ceilings, good for hanging scrims and a balcony, good for making our video master, Alex Overington, run around and around), big enough to play a free-wheeling game of tag and to exhaust the distance I can throw a ball in (both things happen in the show).

And by the way, check out this photo of Alex:

Weather-related snafus prevented our musicians from getting into the Cleveland airport for their various scheduled arrivals Tuesday & Wednesday so there was a bit of nail biting for Nick and me as to whether the show would indeed go on. Almost everyone rolled into town late Thursday night ... for the Friday night premiere.

Below, are pre-production photos c/o the indefatigable Kevin Simmons (co-producer of the USW/Opera Cabal shows and owner of High Concept Laboratories, where USW was workshopped this past summer) who's been present at every rehearsal despite a raging cold.

Sarah Kozinn, our new actress, reading behind the scrim.

The beginning of the chair dance with Sarah and Majel (as Rosa Luxemburg).

Sarah and Majel dancing behind the scrims; video by Alex.

Sarah, dwarfed by a large-scale photo of Rosa (Majel).

From left to right: Molly Feingold, assistant director; Lewis Nielson, composer; Alex Overington, video design; Sarah and Majel.

From left: Nick DeMaison, conductor, at ease; Peter Weiss, lighting design; Mike Lighting Genius.

From left: Habib Azar, director; Sarah's back; Lewis's big idea; Majel (stretching?); Molly.

We love you, Kevin.

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