Galapagos: Roger That

The Opera Cabal tour of USW that started in Oberlin and passed through Chicago last weekend concluded last night with a bang, selling out the new Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. If you thought the old Galapagos space was dope, you need to hit up their new DUMBO location. (Speaking of which: DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass -- who knew? How logical! I move to transplant the trend to Chicago. I will hereafter refer to Hyde Park as TPCPWEDLFM, i.e That Piece of Crap Place Where Everybody Drives Like A F@#$ing Moron.)

Last night was a terrific show complete with a few highlights such as ... a magical black dye that enabled us to project images off the water (the floor level in Galapagos rests on top of a large, shallow pool); the looming threat of a wet t-shirt contest (Sarah and I several times came very close to taking a nose dive over the railings into the pool); some last-minute expert pulley rigging by our enormously capable director, Habib Azar; and the death of one last high-backed Ikea chair. Oh, and the orchestra was amplified. Opera Cabal ... got plugged in. It was a massively satisfying end to a great couple of weeks.

New York, thank you for your enthusiastic reception. Even the Galapagos staff told us that what we did was cooler than anything they'd seen there recently. I'll take it!

Pictures soon to follow.


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