New and not the Met

American Opera Projects (NYC) presents a workshop production this weekend of "The Golden Gate" by Conrad Cummings. I would include more info about the show, but word on the street is that the two performances are sold out. Let's hear it for sold out contemporary opera! Having not procured tickets before the sell-out, I'm looking forward to the partially open dress tonight to see Opera Cabal's favorite / AOP regular Hai-Ting Chinn in action again.

Coming up on the radar for the operatic fringe of NYC is an Anna Bolena put on by dell'Arte Opera Ensemble. This one is in two weeks - Jan.29 and 31.

"But wait a minute, Nick, YOU don't like OLD music!" Not true, I say! I like old music as much as the next guy. Well....ok, maybe not quite as much as the next guy, I've been expressing lately to anybody who will listen - I think groups like this - like us, like AOP - are the future. And the future is here. Right now. How do I know the future is here right now? Because last night I watched a bunch giant blue three-dimensional humanoid kitties flying around on three dimensional psychedelic dragon things to which they were fused by squirmy ganglia in their hair, laying waste to the most teched-out floating three-dimensional army ever conceived of (in three dimensions that is) and they won (sorry for the spoiler) (!), which can only mean that the future is here and it's here right now, and that the intimate operatic experience of all genres and historical bents, perhaps as exemplified by dell'Arte Opera and, perhaps, Opera Cabal, are here to stay.

Welcome to the future. Now let's go watch some Donizetti in 3-D. (Fortunately for me, I kept my Andy Warhol-meets-Groucho Marx-minus-the-nose-and-eyebrows 3-D glasses.)


Anonymous said...

Dell'arte Opera's Anna Bolena is a killer - fantastic young singers, lots of juice.

Chris Fecteau said...

Thanks Anonymous! One more chance to see/hear it "in 3-D" this afternoon. Nick was present Friday evening, and we hope he enjoyed it!