Ear Heart Music : Makers @ The Tank

Thursday Oct. 22, 7:30pm

The Tank NYC
(354 w.45th St. between 8th and 9th Ave)

Nicholas DeMaison hosts a public conversation with composer Jason Eckardt about the fact that I have, for the last 5 years, visually misinterpreted the cover of Jay's CD, "Out of Chaos," understanding it not as Richard Serra's hotly controversial "Tilted Arc," placed in 26 Federal Plaza in New York in 1981 and removed on March 15 1989, but rather as a profile of a giant (and perhaps imaginary) stereo speaker pointing to the left, cutely photoshopped onto a picture of the same plaza. Silly me.

In addition to presenting some of Jay's music via high-fi wax cylinder, there will also be a live performance of "Equilibrium" by Kobe Van Cauewenberghe and Kjersti Kveli.

Following our discussion, Ear Heart Music (curated by Amelia Lukas) continues at 8:30 with a concert by Kjersti and Asami Tamura, entitled "Killing the Songbird with Toys."

See you there.

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