Thanks to everyone for a top salon this past Saturday. The lineup (which included some unannounced surprises):

Martina Bohacova & Petr Tobiska (international standard ballroom dance)
"Lovely standard," from the Lento dancing club in Prague

Roger Moseley & Thomas Christensen (piano four-hands)
Isolde's "Liebestod" (the love-death theme from Tristan und Isolde), transcribed by Franz Liszt for two hands, subsequently arranged for four
"Souvenirs de Munich," quadrille on themes from Tristan

Roger Moseley (piano)
Happy Birthday in the style of a Chopin mazurka

Thomas Christensen (piano)
Happy Birthday in the style of a Bach fugue

Sidney Nagel (piano) & Young-Kee Kim (movement)
a birthday dance inspired by Scriabin (Op. 11, no. 13), with choreography by Irene Hsiao
(via Skype!)

Jonathan Ullyot (reading)
from a collection of prose poems called "New Spleen"

Tim Munro (flute), Majel Connery (voice), Roger Moseley (piano)
"Deux poèmes de Ronsard," op. 26 nos. 1 & 2 (1924 Albert Roussel, 1869-1937)
"Fantaisie" in Em, Op. 79 (Gabriel Fauré)
"Une flûte invisible" (Camille Saint-Säens)

Aaron Curtis (academic reading)
"The Heathrow Jesuses"
a poetico-philosophico-theological essay on love, death, god, sacrifice, and public transit

Rohit Kukreti (guitar, voice)
classical Indian-influenced blues folk

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