Bringing up the rear as far as this post is concerned since, holy cow, this salon was weeks ago...

A quick highlights-only version (dare I say, twitter-friendly version ... shudder). July 25 we were graced with an unexpected visit from two recent Obie grads, Sam Goodman, and Teddy Rankin-Parker, two of the more interesting boyz I've crossed paths with this summer. Sam and Teddy live with a few other young folks in a former Lithuanian community center out on Archer (very west Bridgeport & très, très cool) and specialize in performance that falls squarely outside the box.

For his brief set at the salon, Teddy grabbed his cello and chatted easily with the audience while tuning up (so easily, so tunefully ... had the performance already begun?) that we hardly noticed he'd been picking the strings the whole time like a guitar. Did this cello have a bow? And then, of all unforeseen things, this Teddy tilts back his head and starts crooning (what, a cellist bursting into song? but yes!) something à la Adam Sandler. Then suddenly it's all over and we're listening to a Bach cello suite. But then this too breaks down into repeated phrases, an improvisation on Bach's already very improvisatory little tune, and then, in a sudden fit of inspiration, Teddy turns to his pal, Sam (who's sitting in the front row wearing what I can only describe as an old-school wrestling singlet get-up) and says, "Sam, come play the piano." Sam without hesitation tip-toes over to the piano and starts playing, and he and Teddy finish off with some piano-cello joint improv. It was a sight to behold.

I also want to mention that I -- proudly, yes -- debuted my Little Tikes Crocodile Piano and sang a little ditty from Gilbert & Sullivan's Ruddigore. My partner in crime, Nick DeMaison, performed Orwellian oratory on his trusty accordion.

More to come August 22nd (the next salon).


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