Fractured Atlas / Opera Cabal gets FIRED!

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Some of the more astute among you may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago we were advertising an upcoming show at Columbia University, namely a staging of Bach's Cantata 201, and the still more astute among you may have further noticed that said announcement is no longer up on the blog.

As it turns out, Opera Cabal got fired!

We had been in dialogue with the powers that be over at Columbia for some months about the project. In September, things started to ramp up in preparation; meetings were held, budgets were drafted, burned, and redrawn, new orchestrations were tossed about, Majel even met with a couple of professional drag queens to consult on the role of Apollo.

Then suddenly, and very unceremoniously, I found out by way of Majel one afternoon that at a meeting earlier in the day (at which neither Majel nor I was present), my involvement with the project had been terminated. A couple of days later, Majel got the axe.

We have some theories, which we will propagate here:

1.) Opera Cabal's work is just too cutting edge for hardcore Bach lovers.

2.) I'm terrible at the esoteric/nonsensical dropping of unfounded citation of obscure sources of legend chit-chat game favored by contemporary academics, and my general confusion in the midst of things, combined with my desire to discuss actual logistics (apparently interpreted as humorlessness, and perhaps even hostility) was unnerving for the academics involved.

3.) Majel drank un-sparkling water at our first meeting with the powers that be.

Win some, lose some.

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