September Salon

I'm looking for help. The number 19 in Roman numerals ... anybody?

Tomorrow night's salon (September 27, 2008) celebrates $%&* years in the life of Sidney "Bobby" Nagel, esteemed physicist, (actually "physics expert") at the University of Chicago. For a change of pace, the salon takes place at the Experimental Station at 61st and Blackstone in Hyde Park, start time: 8:30p.

The lineup features (but is not limited to):

an account of embodied musical perception: 19th-c. waltz, according to
Larry Zbikowski (David Bashwiner & Majel Connery, hot teaching aides)

magic by esteemed physicist
Luciano Ristori

recent thoughts about mural painting in Chicago
Rose DiSalvo

a misreading of the Messiah, in honor of Sid-ney
Thomas Christensen, David Bashwiner, Greg Freeman, Majel and Candace "Mom" Connery

a dry ice installation from
Shawn Lani

and finally, free jazz with
Dan Siakel, Brennan Conners, Todd Hill, and there are possibly other musicians I'm missing which comprise the group otherwise known as

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