Let the bloggery resume...

I would apologize for my lengthy absence...but I'm not exactly sure who that apology would be directed at. In any case, I'm back I'll write some more.

The taller half of Opera Cabal has now landed in NYC, and I'm thinking that this blog might, in addition to senseless chatter about our own work, turn out to be a good venue for "reviewing" stuff I'm interested in, particularly other opera start-up projects like our own.

For example, Opera Omnia (which I'm pretty sure is NOT a reference to the British "Plasma Rock" band by the same name that "disappeared off the face of the earth 13 years ago") is presenting a production of Monteverdi's Coronation of Poppea that I'm looking forward to next week.

The group is run by Wesley Chinn, Crystal Manich and the very same Avi Stein who was rocking the continuo keyboard in Norfolk's L'Orfeo. Small world. Here's their postcard (I hope you guys don't mind that I stole your image):

The show is on the days listed, 7:30 pm, Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker). Check out their site for all the details. So far as I can tell this is Opera Omnia's first gig. Let's all wish them well and go to the show.

Also, has everybody seen ads for this Xenakis/ICE/Miller Theater insanity? Holy shit that looks cool.

And yes, I AM going to post about Darmstadt. Soon.


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