Barge Music, South Hadley, Norfolk, Darmstadt

If you're in NYC, check out:

June 27 • Friday, 8 pm
Student Tickets are $15
Here and Now: Celebrating American Contemporary Women Composers

Chen Yi
"Night Thoughts" for Flute, Cello and Piano (2004)
Katerina Kramarchuk
"Epilogue" for Cello and Piano (2008)
Hilary Tann
"Llef" for Flute and Cello (1993)
Shulamit Ran
"East Wind" for solo Flute (1987)
Gabriela Lena Frank
"Cuatro Bosquejos Pre-Incaicos" for Flute and Cello (2006)
Alexandra Du Bois
Sonata "The Storm" for Cello and Piano (2005)
Belinda Reynolds
"Cover" for Flute, Cello and Piano (1996/1998)

Neolit Ensemble
Amelia Lukas, Flute
Victoria Bass, Cello
Katya Mihailova, Piano

And in other news...

I signed my letter of agreement on Wednesday to take over as the new conductor of the South Hadley Chorale in South Hadley, MA, which, I should point out, ought not be confused with the South Hadley Canal. The Chorale website has not yet been updated to reflect my signing on, but will be shortly, I'm sure. Huzzah and huzzah and bring on the Bruckner (Mass no.2, in e minor, that is - bizarre little piece accompanied by an orchestral wind section but no strings).

Tomorrow I depart (sadly) the good people of Norfolk (the Nor-Folk if you will), and am off to the 44th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt on Friday. I was just glancing at the schedule of events and was thrilled to notice that Opera Cabal's favorite guest soprano, Tony Arnold, will be on hand to perform Kurtag's Kafka Fragments (among other things). Personally, I'll be studying with Lucas Vis, and anticipate running amuck and causing mass confusion amongst the Germans with my eerily similar cohort, Nick Deyoe.


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