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Having received recordings from the fall show, we've posted a few of the shorter tracks on our myspace page. Yes, I hate myspace too, but everybody else is doing it and I'm a hopeless slave to peer pressure.

That address again is:


Next on the Christmas day agenda: I swear that I'm neither trying to make this blog an obituary page for great musicians, nor a plug for the NY Times, but great musicians keep showing up on the front page of the Times dead, and with great photos. Most recently, Oscar Peterson.


Lastly: I head to NYC tomorrow for some good old holiday gallivanting, some late-night runnin in a big circle with 4000 people I don't know, and some Barishnakov doing Beckett. In the midst of all of this will come the usual "I'm alone in a sea of 8 million people" existential soul searching, and quite truthfully, both Majel and I find ourselves at differently similar sorts of crossroads.

So I think it's time for yet another poll:

Should Opera Cabal move it's base to Berlin?

Yes or no. Comments welcome.

Merry Christmas.

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