Upcoming San Diego Concerts

Short update about some concerts in San Diego in the near future:

La Jolla Symphony
Saturday Nov.3, 8pm
Sunday Nov.4, 2pm

Mandeville Hall

John Luther Adams: The Light That Fills the World
A great big mass of sound for about 12 minutes. I'll be playing keyboard. No. I am not a pianist.

Philip Glass: Cello Concerto (American Premier)
As Steve's assistant I'm probably not allowed to publicly talk trash about any of our repertoire.

Lv Beethoven: Symphony 4
That's the one with the unison string opening in Bflat that's really dark and angsty and the second movement that has parts that sound like they were lifted straight from Das Rheingold (...wait a minute....). I have to say, as well, that I've been listening to this orchestra (and Steve) grow into this piece over the last couple months, and yesterday's rehearsal was downright suave. They seem to particularly enjoy the rhythmic wackiness in the third mvt.

And yes, this concert is in fact competing with San Diego Symphony's rendition of Mahler 3. All I can say is I head Jahja do Mahler 2 in Cleveland a few years ago and it was very...nice. Yup. Nice...and...pretty. So go ahead...go to a very...nice...version of Mahler 3 on Friday or Saturday, and THEN spend Sunday afternoon with John Luther Adams holding your head under a giant iceberg that gives no sign of succumbing to global warming - in a good way.

Nick & Kathleen
perform Church Car
on the Grad Forum
Thursday Nov.15
8ish maybe?
Mandeville Recital Hall
Kathleen and I will, in the very near future have a name for our little performance duo. We keep getting requests from composers to do weird performance arty stuff and we keep saying yes. Maybe we'll even get a website.

Capella Chamber Choir w/ San Diego Master Chorale

Friday Nov.16
Neurosciences Institute, La Jolla
8pm perhaps?
Capella will present part of its set of old English carols and then join with SDMC for the Dona Nobis Pacem of Bach's b-minor Mass

Nick & Kathleen Redux
on the Grad Forum
Tuesday Nov.20
Mandeville Recital Hall
probably 8pm
New piece by Carolyn Chen
Bizarre. I promise.

and in the not too distant future:

La Jolla Symphony

Mandeville Hall
Dec. 8/9
Berlioz's L'Enfance du Christ
Aint no Messiah here. When's the last time you heard the L'Enfance??!

Capella Chamber Choir
Dec. 12 & 14 7pm
San Dieguito United Methodist Church, Encinitas
Capella's winter concerts with the other choirs of North Coast Singers. English Carols and a couple of more recent pieces. I might have a little little something of my own on these concerts.

(My big Capella project has been shifted over to the spring concert because I occasionally have a small problem with meeting deadlines.)

And if all of that's not enough, maybe have a look at the Pacific Symphony's Mozart Requiem next weekend (Nov.8-10) Also on that concert is Golijav's Dreams and Praryers of Isaac the Blind. Sweet sweet accessibility.


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