All that remains

Nearly a month has elapsed. On my way out of the shell-shock, I noticed that I had a handful of unpublished photos from the fiasco. These mostly come from Thursday before the first show, starting with Phyllis's pianos.

Peter Martin's diatonic tubaphone.

Peter Martin embedded.

Rob and Phyllis set up "Stage 1." I was even more impressed on Saturday with the move to Hyde Park than I was on Thursday at Zhou at how many great toys they had and how quickly they set it all up.

Brett and Drew Baker. Art by Brett Baker.

And a handful from the Asylum performance:
Todd Hill- Bass, Brendan Connors- Sax, Dan Siakel- Percussion.

I can't tell if these are artistically out of focus or just plain blurry.


EVERYTHING you need to create an opera festival.

(...except, apparently, for a public presenters license.)


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