Back in the saddle

Summer wanes.

Opera is in the air.

Join us on FRIDAY September 21st at the Zhou B Art Center for an Opera Cabal fundraiser party (emphasis on the party). This will help support the creation of our next riotously absurd festival, October 18-21. More details to follow.

In the mean time, enjoy pictures from the Lucerne Festival Masterclass: "Gruppen Project." I participated as an Asst. Conductor to a wonderful Bulgarian chap named Yordan, working with Orchestra 3. (warning: the picture formatting doesn't like me tonight)

Prometheus himself at the first "masters" rehearsal of Gruppen.

Peter Eötvös and sundry musicians of orchestra 2.

Orchestra 3 with Boulez, stage right.

The view from podium 3 with orchestra 1 in the distance.

Me, across the lake from the KKL (Kultur und Kongresszentrum Luzern), the site of all the Stockhausen madness.


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