Opera Cabal in miniature

On June 15, our friends over at the Zhou gallery have invited the small bits and pieces of Opera Cabal that reside in Chicago to animate the gallery's montly opening house with a little art, a little music. This same night, be sure to hike up to the third floor of the Center to experience one of the weirdest indoor galleries in Chicago--I mean this as a compliment. For instance, there's an artist named Martin Bernstein ( who does things I just can't even explain.

The highlight of the evening (back on the first floor) without doubt will be the John Peacock Pop Duo: John is, for my money, making the most interesting pop music I've ever heard in Chicago--and there's a lot of it in this city so you have to trust me when I say this is the real deal. John is accompanied by my good friend Nate Bakkum, also an excellent musician, on upright bass. Also at the event is a film by Irène Hodes, a writer and theater director living between Chicago and Israel: There's an art installation curated by Rose Disal--who designed our chicken wire cage during the April festival at the gallery. Among other things, I'm also hosting a game show. Yes, a game show, where several distinguished professors from the University of Chicago will attempt to outwit one another. I'm crazy with anticipation.

Zhou B. Center (our current homebase)
1029 W. 35th St.
First Floor


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