Fighting operatic post-partum depression

For all of the avid followers of Opera Cabal's doings, I'll just go ahead and throw out there that I'm probably not going to get more than one post a week up until we start to roll with the next project. If I manage to get more up, awesome. If not, trust that the excitement will keep coming, just at longer intervals. If Homestarrunner can be successful posting once a week, so can we.

(And in case you're curious about the dark, sad truth behind the facade of "not enough time to post more frequently" - there's always a sad truth behind the facade - life after the festival is grim all around. To fill the deep dark void left by its completion, I've fallen into a vicious downward spiral of binging and purging, and Majel has sunk into an almost vegetative state, compulsively watching Dirty Dancing over and over and over again. I thought for a few days about chugging nyquil, but then I remembered that they took out all of the good stuff.)

So the progression of history continues to march past. Today I thought we'd revisit some of the pre-production excitement that began when we "moved into" the Zhou Gallery on Monday April 2. Excitement was in the air, white spandex began to cover everything, and so, logically, we started cutting magnets and lighting as many sparklers (the legality of which in the state of Illinois is somewhat dubious) as we could find.

Joseph's white spandex backdrop for "Architect of Catastrophe"

Lisa cuts magnetic poetry while we rehearse. Handy platform construction work by Barnaby.

Jon in a break from Lamia rehearsals.
(More Lamia rehearsal pics below in a post from a couple of weeks ago.)

Majel, Jon and Griffin in Ursularia rehearsals. Griffin is practicing making use of his authentic train sounds.

Jon demands that Majel prepare for the terrors.

The moment we've all been waiting for - the first run of the vision sequence WITH the lit sparklers. Majel was somewhat skeptical.

Griffin moves like the hand of god to secure Majel's protective eye ware. I promise that the look of terror on Majel's face was no act.

"I'm a birthday cake!"

"Now! Say something profound!"

Majel was so proud of herself for surviving the miraculous ordeal.

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