Collusions Review

Thanks to everybody who played in / attended / otherwise supported the Collusions Festival.

Over the next week or so we'll post photos / clips / reviews / whatever....and then we'll quit it with the sentimental reminiscing for the good old days and late nights in the freezing warehouse with not enough extensions cords or working electrical outlets and we'll move onto the next adventure in ridiculous-making.

Here's a reveiw by Marc Geelhoed, who writes for Time Out Chicago, and caught the Thursday night performance.

I've quoted his final paragraph below:

"Not to get terribly absolutist and set into an either/or mindset, but was this concert, with a small audience and a cast of relative unknowns, worth seeing if it meant missing a "once in a generation event," as Andrew Patner, one not normally given to hyperbole, described Dudamel's CSO debut, or the cross between Bernstein and Barenboim, as John von Rhein dubbed him? Yes, it was, unless you believe that the number of zeros in an IRS filing determines musical worth."

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