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Collusions: Chicago (2007)

Collusions : Chicago (2007) is the first annual festival presented by Opera Cabal. This experimental Opera company was started to promote young, developing musicians and American Opera. As part of the 2007 festival, Opera Cabal has included a new opera by Nicholas DeMaison, an experimental radio theatre production by Majel Connery and Jon Eliot, and a number of new pieces from composers nationwide. They have also included a multimedia show, Cahoots and Collectives, by curator Lisa Marks.

Cahoots and Collectives

Collusions are the co-operation of rival entities towards a goal of mutual benefit. Something to keep in mind is the pejorative connotation of the word. Although not always meant for virtue, it is still the coming together of two entities for mutual aid. In this vein, we are looking for work to showcase unlikely combinations, which, although not obvious, are working together to strengthen and progress the piece. This duality should be explored broadly to present truly innovative solutions.

This multimedia show aims to take this concept and showcase how different creative minds interpret the idea. We are inviting all artists, designers, musicians, and writers to submit work to represent their discipline(s).

Submission requirements:

All entries must include:
* A short bio and photograph of the artist(s) - Resume optional
* A written summery of the project and how it relates to the subject

Entries that include visual components must also include:
* Material list
* Measurements of piece including dimensions and weight
* Installation requirements
* Up to three photographs, short videos, and/or drawings

Entries that include sound components should also include:
* CD (if submitted by mail) or Mp3 (if submitted online)
* Performance history of the work (if applicable)
* Detailed description of the technological requirements / setup requirements, including what you will provide and what you will need provided
* Supporting materials

Work that is planned and in progress but not completed must be submitted with a schedule of work. Documentation will be required that this schedule is being followed.

Deadline: February 28, 2007 at Midnight, Eastern Standard time
Late Submission Deadline***: March 15, 2007 at Midnight, Eastern Standard time.
Notification will be sent to applicants by March 10, 2007
The festival takes place from April 5, 2007 to April 7, 2007

***Late submissions carry a $25 fee. Please contact for details.


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