Rejects 1

In the spirit of:

1. failure,

2. the recent spectacular premier of my sax quartet - Drawling the Rusted Vacuum Breath (one
sunset too many) by the PRISM Quartet in NYC/Philadelphia (did you go?),

3. the ongoing need to title the opera, the "draft" of which has not only been presented to the powers that be but also to the performers that be,

I hereby present the list of reject titles for the sax quartet: (** this is NOT a contrived list...these were actual potential titles that were, for however briefly, considered in the title-making process.)

And at the end of the day, then what?

Like a sideshow pony ride walking in circles…

careful…it’s a bit of Levy

Far Away Looking at Numbers

The Only Way

A Reexamination of the American Condition, Part I

A Reconsideration of the American Condition, Part 14

A Reconsideration of the History of the Integral Musician in the New World

A Reexamination of the History of the Tenor Aria in the New World

Your Guess is as good as mine.

The Rebirth of the Tenor Aria in the New World

Ten. Or so prano al to baritone

Outside: Music.

beyond vision looking at numbers

a revised history of integers

a reconsideration of the history of integers: outside

Historically Preceded

Defining Performance Practice: (insert agrarian reference here)

Reconsidering (insert integral object here) in an Old Historical Context.

(insert anonymous laborer here)

anonymity is relative

Lomax the Lorax

Lomax’s Thorax

Lomax’s Thoracic

The Forgotten Labors of the Monochromatistriadinae Centipede
(which, historically, was not always invisible)

And Now, We Stridulate.

Morning Stridulations.

AM Stridor

Till Can’t See

From Can’t See Till

Field Mutations.

Mutated Stridulations

In the Distance, Looking at Numbers

The Invisible Labors of the Monochromatic Striadinae Centipedinae
(which has not always been forgotten)

Lieder ohne Tanzen

Far Away Reexamining the Numbers Far Away

A Good Old Fashioned Stridulaiton

Stridulate, Just Like We Used To

Which Has Not Always Been Forgotten

The Invisible Motions of

Forgotten Motions Invisible

Oxidized Stridulations (which have not always been invisible)

De-oxidizing Stridulations

Rusted Breath and the promise of the Never Ending Melody

aint yo mamas dramaturgy

Oxidized Stridulations, (which did not always exist in a vacuum)

Oxidized Stridulations (which did not always keep time with an axe)

did not always keep time with an axe

Rusted Vacuum Breath

Drawling the Rusted Vacuum Breath (Lomax revisits/redux)

Drawling the Rusted Vacuum Breath (one sunset too many)

How Lomax Uncrushed the Thorax of the Monochromatistriadinae Centipede

How Lomax Uncrushed the Centipede

Rosie Lomax

counterpoint: the other species

The Other Species

The Other Species’s Counterpoint

one sunset too many

my bulldog takes sugar in his coffee

The title of this piece is excerpted from the following conversation, which never took place on the twelfth of October, 20-- :



Anonymous said...

that would have made a really great speach at the PRISM performance

Nicholas DeMaison said...

I forgot to bring the list to the show.