Found Film + Feldman

Saturday April 7, 2:30pm
ZB Art Center

as part of the Collusions Festival,
Opera Cabal will present

Morton Feldman's

"For Christian Wolff"

Accompanying this wonderfully long and compulsively static piece of music is a three-ish-hour-long film that hasn't been made yet.

We have the Feldman,
we need the "found film."

We're looking for video clips of any length (preferably not shorter than 10 seconds or so, but as long as you like, not exceeding 3 hours) of you or anyone or anything you know doing anything interesting or not interesting so that we can create the non-existent film.

In the great traditions of found objects and found letters, we're having a go at "found film." We will string together the clips that we receive into one 3-hour film that will be played with Feldman on the afternoon of April 7 in the Zhou gallery. Higher-quality footage is great, lower quality footage will suffice.

Consider anything, and consider that the theme of the festival (Collusions) is something to the effect of "unlikely pairings," so for example, footage of you pretending to be Christian Wolff pretending to be that little clone girl who terrorizes the old woman in that Aphex Twin video, and your best friend pretending to be the Richard D James-devil-head-thing climbing out of the TV, all staged inside a retired diesel submarine and shot on Super-8 when you turned 18 would be PERFECT.

You can send clips to: <>. You can also hand off
tapes (preferably mini-dv, vhs will do) to me in La Jolla, Jon in
Winnipeg, Lisa in New York, or Majel in Chicago.

Warning: if you send us material, it may very well be played in public.

If you were considering buying any of us a Christmas present, please consider
submitting a videotape instead.

(PS. I believe the Feldman image belongs to the music library at SUNY Buffalo.)


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